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No group is too large or too small.  Interactive workshops, seminars or large group speaking engagements can be tailored to deliver education, inspiration and strategies for personal & professional growth.  Content and delivery is designed to dismantle barriers, reinforce strengths, and open up new perspectives and approaches to healthier, more satisfying living.

Topics encapsulate bio-psycho-social-spiritual (BPPS) health & wellness and are designed with one thing in mind--living your best life!  Some examples of recent workshops and talks include:

  • FLO (Flourishing in Life with Others) through applying the pillars of Positive Psychology

  • Building and Maintaining Resilience Through BPPS Self-care Practices

  • Total Wellness- a BPPS Paradigm

  • Discovering Your GIG (what your're good at, interested in, and gifted with)

  • Foundations of Healthy, High Functioning Relationships

  • Leading with Love

To book a speaking engagement or workshop, please contact Tamara directly.


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